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Andrey Litnovsky: Fusion Reactor Materials

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:Andrey Litnovsky 教授




The lecture is devoted to materials used in controlled fusion facilities. Material solutions for magnetic confinement fusion devices and inertial confinement fusion facilities are described. Fusion materials have to preserve their performance often under extremely harsh conditions characterized by intensive particle fluxes, high levels of neutron irradiation, extreme temperatures, chemically reactive environment and high radiation levels. In the course of the lecture, the principal fusion material classes:

•plasma-facing materials

•structural materials

•blanket materials

•diagnostic materials

•materials for magnets

are reviewed.

The required functionality, material solutions and an outlook on still open issues is provided for each material class.


Prof. Dr. Andrey M. Litnovsky is a graduate of Moscow State Engineering and Physics Institute, MEPhI, Russian Federation. His Ph.D. in physics and mathematics in 2001 was awarded for the work made in MEPhI and in Kurchatov institute, Moscow. A. Litnovsky works at the Forschungszentrum Jülich since 2002 studying edge plasmas of fusion devices, plasma-surface interactions processes, and developing diagnostic components for International Tokamak Experimental Reactor.

As a senior scientist at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, A. Litnovsky is leading a number of European and International activities on plasma-wall interactions and plasma diagnostics, being a chief of operations of TEXTOR tokamak until the end of 2013. Among research projects, Dr. Litnovsky coordinates the development of advanced alloys for a future fusion power plant, leading the smart alloy research group at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. In 2020 A. Litnovsky became a teaching professor at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, his alma-mater. Prof. Dr. Litnovsky actively contributes and promotes international collaboration and educational programs of the University.

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